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Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS is a process of sending a large number of SMS messages to a large group of people at a time. In this age of mobile revolution, it is extremely important to be in touch with technology all the time. Bulk SMS is the fastest way for many members to send messages to groups within groups, only within seconds It is used by media companies, enterprises, banks and consumer brands for various purposes including entertainment, enterprise, and mobile marketing. Bulk SMS is considered to be the most economical and effective way of marketing than any other medium. Instantly send your bulk SMS campaign or schedule it for later date and time.

Business lead is a leading SMS messaging service provider that provides two-way SMS communication services directly from your Internet-enabled computer.The BulkSMS Web enables the SMS platform to access your online account from any Internet Web browser connected to you. Create, manage, and send your two-way SMS communications to predefined distribution groups or individuals

With the amount of information rising at high speeds, it becomes necessary to give quality information to the general public at the right time. Transactional SMS has come up for this purpose. They help in sending the right set of the public to the right time at the right time, and the biggest advantage of the bulk SMS with the transaction is that they can be sent 24x7 with your sender ID. Transactional SMS are template-based SMS and 'N' amount of templates can be made for them. You only need the approval of your SMS Provider and you can start by sending Transactional Alert SMS to the people.

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